Sarah Murphy: This is the 2nd puppy we have had off Carla and Andy , our first , Alfie 3 years ago . We have had Harvey 2 weeks now and he is s pure joy . The love and commitment put in by Carla and Andy goes beyond expectations .i know if I kneed help I can ask . I would highly recommend these 2 lovely people and of course the gorgeous puppies . 

Joy Bendell:  Our new pup is Eddie, he is a little darling full of character, sleeps really well and toilet training is going well all thanks to Carla and Andy. We can't recommend them more highly as breeders. From day one to picking up Eddie they kept us updated on his development and ongoing pictures which was lovely and very informative. It is also great to keep in touch with them, Eddie's mum and dad and all his brothers and sister. Thanks so much Carla and Andy for our precious little boy

Linda Jane: Carla was fantastic when we saw our Chester for sale online . We were moving from London to Devon where we saw him advertised . Carla was always there to help either by text or email. We had only ever seen a picture of him as we could not get to see him before the move ,Carla sent us up to date videos . When we had problems with moving she was so kind as to keep Chester longer . When we eventually picked him up she was so welcoming and what an amazing pup we got,wouldnt be without him . Well done Carla xx

















Joanne Henny: Carla and Andy's love and care for their dogs and puppies is unconditional! Gem, Hugo's mum took to motherhood like no other i have seen. Carla provided regular updates on Hugo for me. From the minute i took Hugo home at 8 weeks, we have had no accidents at all. His training is going well and we've fallen in love with him, including the vet who cuddled him whilst giving him his health check and first injection, that much they took photos for their website.

Julie: Carla does a brilliant job breeding healthy happy puppies and is always available for support when needed could not have asked for a better dog

Eddie below

Eddie and Mollie, Joy's second baby from our selfs

Harvey                                                Alfie

Joy: Carla & andy the most dedicated pair I've met ! Always available for advice our gorgeous Magic Madge Joined our family 2 yrs ago and can't thank them enough

Melanine: We found Carla and Andy so approachable , living in London We weren't able to meet Lilly until the day we collected her so I had to have complete trust in them . I needn't have worried they kept me up to date with videos and photos from day she was born and all through her progress . She is a beautiful bunch of joy so lovable very sociable . It's wonderful that although she's now 9 months old we still have contact with her brothers and sisters via Facebook on their group and that they are still interested in how she's developing . Definitely recommend them for anyone wanting a puppy

Linda: Thank you Carla and Andy for giving me  the privilege of Dijon coming to live with me. Gem has produced 8 delightful pups. You were strongly recommended by a friend who has Roxy, a little delight and from Lily's last litter (who is also Gem's daughter). I was so pleased for all the updates and amusing photos posted on Facebook. You care deeply for your pups even after they have left for their forever homes and want to keep in touch to find out how they are progressing. Dijon loves to please and is so loving. He does not like sleeping in his crate, but will accommodate it when I have to go out. I love his welcome on my return. He is a bundle of fun and never ceases to make me laugh. He keeps me company upstairs at night and sleeps right through to about 6:30. You and Gem should be so proud to have produced such a lovely pup.

Now named Stanley

Rachel and Pete: If u are given the opportunity to become parent to one of Carla and Andy's pups then you are truly blessed and are in for an amazing experience . The love and dedication shines thru and your baby will be the love of ur life. My Barkley is amazing and we were just so lucky to be given the opportunity to be his mummy and daddy . He is so cute ,full of character ,very protective of me and my shadow. I love my baby to pieces. Carla and Andy's support ,friendship and help is amazing . I struggle with health problems and Carla is so fantastic at assuring me I'm looking after my Barkley to the best of my ability and advising me if I need to do something different . Thank you Carla and Andy you are the best

Carol Anne: We do not think we could surpass Carla and Andy as breeders of Shichon dogs. Lovely Tilly has joined our family in the best of health, is confident and very affectionate puppy. Last week she had her first injection and our vet was very impressed with the medical records for Tilly supplied by Carla and Andy. We have a lovely, healthy and happy puppy, thanks to you both.

Victoria: I was lucky enough to collect our Lucy because someone else decided at the last moment they didn't want a puppy. That meant I picked her up the day after she had had her jabs. Carla was so friendly and helpful- to the point she and Andy came out in their car to find me when I couldn't find the house!! Lucy had been microchipped, had breeders insurance and I was given her vet vaccinations record. Along with a collar, blanket and chew toy. I saw her with her mum and brothers and sisters and could tell this was a loving family home in which Lucy had been given the best start. Carla kept in touch and gave advice , she was genuinely interested and three years down the line, still keeps in touch. I couldn't recommend her highly enough!

Natalie: Right from the moment when I first contacted Carla I could tell that she and Andy were friendly, helpful, and full of love for each and every dog they raise. After coming close to purchasing a puppy from a person who I discovered, after some thorough research, was a puppy farmer, I was understandably worried about any person(s) from whom I might purchase my then-future pup. My worries were put to rest as soon as Carla and Andy welcomed us into their home to be greeted by their two dogs (Gem and Lilly), both of whom had given birth to their litters on the same day, and the 13 puppies which they had had between them! The number of puppies alone should indicate just how much hard work both put in to giving each one the best start to life possible. I was kept up-to-date on every progress that Bertie made, with regular photos and videos, and they were very accommodating when it came to visiting him. Keeping in touch via Facebook is a wonderful way of seeing how each puppy has grown into their own unique character (Bertie’s character being primarily cheeky!). I cannot recommend Carla and Andy enough for anyone considering bringing one of these amazing little dogs into their life! I wouldn’t be the person I am today without Bertie, my best friend, shadow, and constant companion. Thank you Carla and Andy for raising such a wonderful dog!

Angela: Having decided on a Shichon pup I spent some time looking for a reputable breeder. On contacting Carla she could not have been more helpful doing everything she could to facilitate the transition of our wonderful little Pluto from their loving home to ours. We were so impressed by both Carla and Andy and the information put together in the fantastic puppy bag we left with. We travelled 5 1/2 hours and knew we'd made the right decision as soon as we met them. Can't recommend Carla highly enough.

Jane and David Curtis: Picked up Bailey from Carla Westbury-Jennings on 21 September 2016. Jane spent around 3 months searching for a good breeder on-line. We had watched a documentary about puppy farms which turned our stomach. They are very good at disguising themselves. We live near Oxford so it was quite a journey to visit Carla and Andy but we wanted to bond with Bailey as much as possible before he came home with us. Carla and Andy didn't mind at all and we spent a lot of time with all the pups, visiting several times and seeing them grow. Carla also sent us numerous puppy updates. It was very clear that Carla and Andy adore their dogs and went well above and beyond the care a puppy gets elsewhere. Subsequently Bailey Curtis is a very well adjusted pup and has settled in brilliantly. He had his first jabs this week and our vet Jenny loved him. She was very impressed with all the records Carla gave us regarding his worming and flee treatments and amazed by his socialisation records, which were the most in depth she had ever seen. I am continuing these records on line. He had lots of cuddles from all the staff. We keep in close contact with Carla and Andy as she's very fond of every pup. Bailey Curtis has his own blog on Facebook, written by his Daddy !!! We cannot recommend Carla and her pups enough 

Bailey with his new sister Belle

Tracey: After deciding on buying a puppy in January 2016 I searched the Internet and came across Carla's website and it was the best research that I've ever done. Carla and Andy are the most perfect of breeders that any new potential puppy buyer could ever wish for. After the first initial meeting I knew straight away if I was going to buy a puppy Carla and Andy were going to be best puppy breeders to purchase from.
And as soon as I saw TeeJay his brothers and sisters I knew Carla and Andy were totally devoted to this special breed of pups. TeeJay was the biggest of the litter and I knew he was the one that was going to be in my life.
On the day of collecting TeeJay I was presented with a large goodie bag for TeeJay and I couldn't thank Carla and Andy enough for all what they have done for TeeJay and their aftercare advice!!

Kirsty Langford: We got our beautiful girl gypsie from Carla in November 2014. She was a surprise birthday present for our daughter. Carla was absolutely fantastic and very welcoming when I went to meet her. Gypsie was brought up in a very loving home with lots of interaction from adults and children. I would highly recommend Carla as a breeder for anyone looking to give a pup a forever home xx

Bertie with his brother Ned

Name change from Hudson to Ned

Gypsie with her son

Mary Seragusa: We have had our darling little Jack for a week now. We bought him from Carla Westbury-Jennings and he is fantastic. Carla is a breeder who can be trusted to care for the pups 100%. I looked on the web for a long time before I chose Carla. The more you read her website, the more you realise how good she is. She looks after the pups really well and sends weekly photographs and videos of the pups. You can see the mum and dad as well, in her own home, and they are both adorable, too.

Jules Dickson:  We got Roxy from Carla in February 2016. Is never had a dog before, so my experience with Carla really was exceptional. She let me meet her at 3 weeks old. Kept me updated with photos and videos along the way and was careful to determine we were the right people to home one of her puppies with. Roxy came to us very well socialised, clearly very loved and full of personality. Despite her tendency for digging she is a wonderful member of our family & we love her to bits. I love the way Carla & Andy continue to keep an eye on all their fur babies and are interested in their lives. I would and have recommended Carla 100%.



Meliha Loli Eliyesil:  We had our little Ayla from Carla Westbury-Jennings on recommendation of a friend who had a puppy from her. February this year we brought our puppy home. Carla & Andy were so welcoming -we were able to visit our puppy whenever we wanted They encouraged our bonding with her before we brought her home. The puppies are all brought up with care and a lot of love. I would encourage anyone who wants a Shichon puppy to definitely to go to them.